How Instagram's Hyperlapse app works

How Instagram's Hyperlapse app works

The social platform's new innovation

This week saw the release of an exciting video app from Instagram called Hyperlapse, and as of late Instagram engineers have decided to write a post on exactly how it works…

Seamlessly turning any video you take into perfectly stabilised time-lapses, Instagram's latest Hyperlapse app aims to transform shaky videos into smooth time lapses. Now, the creators of this new app have explained how the app manages to achieve this.

By using the gyroscopes already inside your smartphone, the app is able to eliminate the shaky movement and jitters usually found in videos made on your smartphone. This video stabilisation technology is called Cinema, and it works buy cropping the video as it finds the largest possible area of your video which is always steady.

The only downside of Instagram's Hyperlapse app is the lower resolution, due to the app having to digitally zoom in on your footage. The engineers also note that the steadier you film the less the app needs to zoom in on the video. 

Stabilization for Hyperlapse from Instagram from Instagram on Vimeo.

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