The new Selfie social media app

The new Selfie social media app

Front and centre

Guilty of taking shameless selfies? Well, this week you can now share your selfies on a social platform with an all new app that's dedicated to frontward picture taking

Offering a slight twist to the standard selfie, the new Selfie app lets you record short videos with the forward-facing camera on your iPhone and then share them with the world, or keep them private and share them between your friends. Additionally, much like Snapchat you can even start selfie conversations with other users on the social network, which you can make private or public as well.

Created by Alex Lasky and Hugh Dornbush, the app came about as the two worked together on another mobile project and aims to recreate the way we interact with people in real-life."We saw an opportunity to create a whole new type of social platform where people interact with one another face-to-face, more like they do in the offline world," said Dornbush. "People use it in so many different ways. The applications for it are sort of endless," added Lasky.

Selfies for the app are limited to 24 seconds, each of which show up alongside the 'outstanding' videos of the day curated by Selfie themselves, which is similar to Instagram or Vine. 

The Selfie app is available to download now for iPhone. 

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