The device that can charge your phone in 0–30 seconds

The device that can charge your phone in 0–30 seconds

The life changing StoreDot flash-battery

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Imagine if you could revive your dying iPhone to full battery in less than a minute. Imagine no more, as Israeli company StoreDot is going to change the game

Everyone with a smartphone is familiar with the feeling of being stranded with a low battery and not enough time to charge up. Do you risk being late for a couple minutes of precious recharge time? Or do you resign yourself to an afternoon without email and Instagram? It's a dilemma.

Cue StoreDot, an Israeli tech start-up firm that hopes to make this exact conundrum a thing of the past.

StoreDot has created a new battery pack that can fully charge most smartphones in a mere 30 seconds, and it premiered this week at a Microsoft Think Next event in Tel Aviv.

The technology relies on microscopic magnets called 'nanodots' to enable its charger. Unfortunately for us, the battery pack is still in the prototype stage, and a company spokesperson says mass production won't commence until 2016. 

See for yourself in the video below, now:

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