Google to unveil a new version of Google Glass

Google to unveil a new version of Google Glass

Speculation confirmed

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Following various rumours and mounting speculation surrounding the future of Google Glass Massimo Vian, the CEO of Italian eyewear brand Luxottica confirms a new version of Google's wearable headpiece for the near future...

CEO of Luxottica, Massimo Vian has confirmed that the luxury Italian eyewear brand are developing a new and improved version of Google Glass. During a meeting in Milan, Italy, Vian said in a statement that "a new version of Google Glass is in the works and will be out soon.”

Google previously stopped the production of its first Google Glass model owing to disappointing sales and criticism of its potential privacy issues, after it was revealed that Google Glass could capture images and videos without being detected. Both of these issues are likely to be addressed with the wearable's new version.

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