The new on-the-go Chargerito charger

The new on-the-go Chargerito charger

Pocket-sized power

Image: Chargerito

Claiming to be the world's smallest charger, the Chargerito is approximately the size of a car key and allows you to charge your phone anytime, anywhere, as long as there's a socket

Running out of battery on a smartphone can ruin anyone's day, however now, the super small Chargerito aims to change that. Around the size of a battery, the mini charger is no more than a micro-USB or Apple Lightning port embedded in a plug, allowing you to charge your device directly into any wall socket.

According to its creators, the unique design can fully charge an iPhone 5 in two hours, while it also features a bottle opener into the design. The Chargerito is currently crowdfunding the cost for manufacturing, and is set to start shipping in January 2015 – with it already available to pre-order online now. 


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