Rumour: The 18k gold Apple Watch will retail for $4,000

Rumour: The 18k gold Apple Watch will retail for $4,000

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With the Apple Watch forthcoming official release looming in the Spring of next year, reports have surfaced detailing its price points and rather fancy editions

In an effort to not only showcase a watch with incredible technological capabilities but to also position the Apple Watch as a coveted modern luxury timepiece, Apple have debuted its stylish new editions. 

According to a report from the French tech site iGen, the chic stainless steel Apple Watch variation will retail from $500, and for those who prefer the finer things in life, the status-symbol-worthy luxury 18K gold version is expected to cost around $4,000. 

New apple watch editions

Apple are one of the first movers into the luxe wearable technology sphere, which allows the tech giant to charge a premium price for its most innovative piece of technology to date. Meanwhile, the entry level Apple Watch is expected to retail from $349.

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