'Neurocam' the new recording headset from Japan

'Neurocam' the new recording headset from Japan

Remembering your moments

Video: YouTube
Image: Neuro Wear

A new wearable camera system that automatically records moments of interest based on your emotions

Tokyo-based gadget company Neurowear have developed a wearable camera that monitors a person's brainwaves - recording footage when they become interested in something emotionally.

The 'Neurocam' headset can mount the users smartphone to the side of their head. Controlled by brain activity, the device is triggered automatically when the persons interest value exceeds 60 on a scale of 1-100. The smartphone camera will then record and save 5 second GIF clips of whatever they are looking at,  saving the files with a time and location.

"The Neurocam is an extraordinary experiment that challenges the way future cameras can evolve and how humans may interact with such devices," commented a Neurowear spokesperson, "The Neurocam allows humans emotions to become integrated with devices, and we see this as a totally new experience."

The 'Neurocam' is still in its development stages with hopes of getting released in the near future. Watch the promo video below now:

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