Navdy: A transparent display for the car

Navdy: A transparent display for the car

Driving into the future

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Enabling users to keep their eyes on the road and check their mobile devices for directions, via its 5.1-inch transparent heads-up display – the Navdy presents your phone's navigation info and incoming notifications in center view. 

The technology connects via Bluetooth and offers easy-to-read directions, which can easily be controlled with simple hand or voice commands thanks to a built-in IR camera and internal microphone. 

The handy in-car device also comes complete with an accelerometer, an e-compass, an ambient light sensor, Wi-Fi connectivity, a mini USB port, and OBD-II power and data connection to your car computer with an optional 12-volt power adapter.

The Navdy offers an ingeniously-designed alternative to windshield-embedded screens – which are still not industry standard – for a mere $300 USD. For more information and to buy visit the website here.

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