The story behind Microsoft XP's iconic 'Bliss' wallpaper

The story behind Microsoft XP's iconic 'Bliss' wallpaper

Revealing the secret of one of the most famous photos

Video: YouTube
Image: Microsoft

Software giant, Microsoft has recently released a nine-minute video, which tells the story behind one of the world’s most viewed images, the 'Bliss' desktop wallpaper

Most computers-users from around the world are bound to have encountered Microsoft's 'Bliss' wallpaper, a picturesque image which depicts serene green hills against a bright blue sky.

Microsoft interviewed the photographer  Charles O'Rear  behind the infamous image, with him revealing how and when he took the iconic shot.

In the short video, O'Rear invites audiences into his home in Napa Valley, California, detailing the simple equipment and circumstances in 1996 that led him to produce one of the world's most recognised images.

Watch Charles O'Rear tell his story behind the 'Bliss' wallpaper below now: