Microsoft's newest foray into virtual reality – HoloLens

Microsoft's newest foray into virtual reality – HoloLens

The holographic headset...

Microsoft has released details of their new advancement in virtual reality – the HoloLens. A holographic headset that blends real life, and the digital world, for a whole new way to experience digital reality in everyday life...

Microsoft showcased a video, at a special event yesterday, that details a futuristic new piece of tech that they are calling the HoloLens. 

HoloLens is a headset device, that aims to blend the digital world and real world for virtual reality style interactions with different objects, environments, people, you name it. It interprocesses holograms, through the lens, into the real life environment to allow for unprecedented visualisation. Microsoft envisage the device being useful for almost any aspect of life, be it integrated play, technical design, exploration, construction, communication and more. 

"For the first time ever, Microsoft HoloLens seamlessly blends high-definition holograms with your real world," says Microsoft. "Holograms will improve the way you do things every day, and enable you to do things you've never done before."

HoloLens is able to work independently from any other device or computer. It is worn around the head and features a see-through lens across the front. It would appear that four front-facing cameras are attached to the headset, and they will be used to detect the position of the user's head and hands as they interact with the hologram.

Enjoy the video below. Warning, you might need a moment to get past the mind-bending Minority Report style technological possibilities of this creation, after watching the video...