Mattel and Google update the classic 'View Master'

Mattel and Google update the classic 'View Master'

Viewing remastered

The classic 90's View Master has been upgraded for the new generation of tech savvy kids. In a unique partnership between Google and Mattel, that sees android phones replace film wheels, to open up a new virtual reality experience...

The iconic View Master, a classic 1990's game creation from Mattel, has been given the Google treatment and upgraded for the new digital generation. In a new partnership between Mattel and Google, the 21st century model offers a virtual reality experience for kids.

Keeping its ergonomic shape, in homage to its roots, the new design sees a slot for android phones, where old-fashioned circular film cards once slotted in. Along with the View Master app, the toy can help users to experience virtual worlds.

In a new twist the toy will also be accessorised by 'experience reels,' which resemble the old View Master reels, but instead of being inserted into the eyepiece and looking at film, they will need to have their inbuilt codes scanned and viewed through phones, uncovering 3D images.

Mattel and Google