Meet Jarvis: Mark Zuckerberg introduces his artificial intelligence project

Iron-man inspired

Text: Faizal Dahlawia

After creating the code for an at-home nanny, Mark Zuckerberg has now shared his AI dream in a new video...

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has shared a video that showcases the potential of artificial intelligence at home. Named after Iron Man's trusted computerised sidekick, Jarvis emulates its on-screen counterpart in executing various tasks from turning on lights and playing music to entertaining children and opening doors for visitors. While Zuckerberg has spent 2016 learning how to create a functional and seamless artificial intelligence experience, the video does not portray the completed product but rather, a quirky way to show Jarvis' capabilities. "In case it's not clear, this is meant to be a fun summary and not a live demo," he said. 

Zuckerberg also shared a second video that shows his wife Priscilla's encounters with Jarvis –Arnold Schwarzenegger included. Watch the second video now...

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