Are LVMH about to launch a smartwatch to rival Apple's new wearable?

Are LVMH about to launch a smartwatch to rival Apple's new wearable?

Jean-Claude Biver in tech talks

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A little over a month since Apple debuted it's highly-anticipated Apple Watch, luxury conglomerate LVMH have revealed that they may partner with a technology company to debut a smartwatch of its own

The president of LVMH's watch division and chairman of Hublot, Jean-Claude Biver hinted on Friday that the company is considering joining forces with a tech company to launch its own smartwatch.

“There are some talks taking place about a partnership,” said Biver. “Maybe in nine months, we will have a smartwatch.” He then denied that the wearable would be created for Hublot, but stayed tight-lipped on whether it could be TAG Heuer or Zenith branded.

Biver then shed light on the difficulties such a heritage company may face with the launch, saying: "A smartwatch is very difficult for us because it is contradictory. Luxury is supposed to be eternal … How do you justify a $2,000 smartwatch whose technology will become obsolete in two years?” 

Soon after the Apple Watch debuted, Biver said the US tech pioneers had made "some fundamental mistakes" when designing the Apple Watch, calling it "too feminine". Adding, "To be totally honest, it looks like it was designed by a student in their first trimester." 

It does seem, however that LVMH's luxury watch guru does understand the power of Apple marketing, as he added on Friday when discussing the potential LVMH smartwatch “Others have done smartwatches before, but when Apple does it, it will sell.” 

Whether there will be a new rival for Apple in the near future, only time will tell...

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