LoryStripes app for iPhone

LoryStripes app for iPhone

Adding 'a new dimension' to your photos

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Image: Lory Stripes
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LoriStripes is the new app which lets you transform any digital photo into impressive artwork, available now on iTunes

The latest photo app for iPhone, LoryStripes, is a collaboration between the team at Pixite LLC and Italian architect and designer Laurent Rosset.

The app lets its users artistically personalise their photos by adding beautifully crafted ribbons, lines and stripes to their images.

Featuring 120 Stripe styles, 62 vibrant colours for every stripe, and the 'ReStripe' button which lets its audience use multiple stripes on one picture.

In addition to the unique qualities of LorsyStripes, the images you embellish can also easily be shared on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

LoryStripes for iOS from Pixite Apps on Vimeo.

LoryStripes for iPhone is now available on iTunes.

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