The Lomo'Instant Camera

The Lomo'Instant Camera

Instant gratification

Image: Kickstarter

Lomography is set to launch a new instant camera called the 'Lomo'Instant'...

What sets the Lomo'Instant by Lomography apart from other instant, Polaroid-type cameras is its extensive feature set, which includes add-on lenses, a variety of filters, several shooting modes, and much more.

The cool-looking camera features a built-in wide angle lens with fisheye and portrait lens attachments available, an easy two-step focusing system, and the ability to combine multiple exposures in one frame.

Lomography instant

For those who want to take their instant photography a step further, a variety of colour gels and other extras allow users to get even more creative. The camera also uses Fujifilm Instax Mini film, and so quite accessible...

Learn more by watching the video below, now: