LinkedIn debut Arabic language version

LinkedIn debut Arabic language version


The online business networking site LinkedIn has announced that it has launched an Arabic language version of its platform to cater to the young population of the Arab region

The business-oriented social networking service LinkedIn, founded in 2002 by Reid Hoffman and Jeff Weiner, allows users to create profiles and connections to one another in a professional manner. This week, the popular tool announced that it is launching an Arabic language version to cater to the young population of the Arab region.

The launch of the new Arabic edition will bring the number of languages available on the site to 24 with member numbers growing from five million in 2012 to 14 million to date. At present the California based company has two million users in the UAE, one million in Saudi Arabia and over one million in Egypt so the addition was essential for the growth of users in these areas. 

The news was announced at an event held at the company's new headquarters in Dubai. The keynote speaker – Noura Al Kaabi, CEO of the Media Zone Authority made this statement about the move: "The launch of LinkedIn Arabic is a significant step towards strengthening the Arabic media sector, developing local content and nurturing Arabic talent."

The Minister of Labour, Adel M Fadeih also had this to say on the matter: "LinkedIn has been working with us to match talent in the kingdom with the right opportunity, and with Arabic, this benefit can be rolled-out to a much wider member base."

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