Wearable, fashionable tech dazzles Dubai

Wearable, fashionable tech dazzles Dubai

A fashion venture between CuteCircuit and Accenture

Editor: Faizal Dahlawia

What is Connected Fashion? It’s exactly what you think it is: Fashion from a phone.

CuteCircuit is arguably the name for wearable and fashionable tech. From Katy Perry to Nicole Scherzinger, celebrities are digging what they do. Now, they've collaborated with tech company Accenture to further their techy fashion invasion and they're all calling it Connected Fashion. Recall their debut on the runway at New York Fashion Week?

This technology essentially allows you to leave home in one outfit and return in a completely different one. Almost anyway, at any time! Thanks to the LED lights that are integrated into the clothes plus the use of their phone app and a Bluetooth connection, you can choose your designs and it will light up on your outfit, instantly!

At the moment there is a limited number of patterns to choose from but the idea is to have an iTunes library of sorts where people can pick and choose a design for their outfit. It is powered by a battery that you need to charge (batteries last six hours) and there is a chip integrated where the operating system lies. 

What's encouraging though, is that the sky's the limit when it comes to designs, as the firm's technology expert Harriett Manners said, "In theory there is no limitation to the design but we do have to ensure that the designs are readable within the constraints of the dress itself. Any retailer can decide to customise anything with this technology."

Just think... If you're en route to a concert, you can quickly add the band's logo to your outfit. Or if it's a long day in the office followed by a soiree, spicing your outfit come 6pm is a cinch.

Take a look at the video and see just how easy your life can be when Connected Fashion really takes off.