Snappy: Leica launches two new limited edition cameras

Snappy: Leica launches two new limited edition cameras

An exclusive release for Japan

Take a look at the exclusive Leica X Maroon and the Leica D-LUX Rolling Stone 100th Anniversary Edition cameras – two new releases from the iconic luxury camera purveyor...

Leica has released two new limited edition cameras. The first was created to mark the opening of the new Leica Hankyu store in Japan named the Leica X Maroon. This camera features a stylish maroon casing with a matching strap and there are only 50 in the whole world, making it a super exclusive piece of kit.

The Leica X Maroon

The second model was created to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Rolling Stone magazine, and is aptly dubbed the Leica D-LUX Rolling Stone 100th Anniversary Edition camera (pictured above). The new models features the label of 10 different musicians and the set will also include an original print with the autograph of each musician.