Kanye West joins Instagram

Kanye West joins Instagram

1 post, 826k followers

Text: Faizal Dahlawia

Image: Instagram

It's official! Kanye West now has an Instagram account and his first post is just what you'd expect from him.

Rapper Kanye West has finally joined Instagram. While he only has a single post so far – a cryptic image still from the Arnold Schwarzenegger-starred film Total Recall – he has already garnered close to a million followers. While that only represents 1 percent of wife Kim Kardashian's number of followers, early signs suggest that the self-professed 'number one rock star in the world' might well be on his way to challenge his partner for Instagram royalty. And in true Kanye West style, his 'following' status stands at zero.

Kanye West joins Instagram (фото 1)

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