Is Apple's iWatch the missing link to iOS 8's 'Healthbook' app?

Is Apple's iWatch the missing link to iOS 8's 'Healthbook' app?

Redefining health routines and fitness tracking

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As Apple ventures into mobile healthcare and wearable devices, rumours seem to be buzzing as to whether or not the long-awaited iWatch will be a crucial part of the iOS 8 'Healthbook' app

2014 seems to be a big and progressive year for wearable devices, with Google Glass, and Samsung Galaxy Wear, Apple's first foray will be the iWatch - which is apparently launching this year along with iOS 8 and its new health app, 'Healthbook'.

It seems as though Apple has developed the new version of the iOS with the upcoming watch in mind, with sources close to the matter indicating that Apple's wearable computer will have sensors to track and measure aspects of the human body.

'Healthbook' which is similar to other apps such as 'FitBit' and 'Nike' could be the connection for users to read the data that iWatch will collect.

It's been previously reported that sensors on Apple's new wearable device will be capable of measuring blood pressure, hydration, heart rate and steps, making it the perfect tool for iOS 8's 'Healthbook' app. However some sources with knowledge of the iWatch's development say that the future device will be heavily reliant on the iPhone - keeping audiences waiting for its highly-anticpated release this year. 


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