The iPhone case speaker case by Amp Audio

The iPhone case speaker case by Amp Audio

Loud and proud

Amp Audio seem to have solved the problem of cumbersome portable speakers – and simply combined the concept of a iPhone case with sound system included

We are seemingly inundated with ways to up our iPhone game, but what is always true, is the need to boost your iPhone's sound may be just around the corner.

However carrying a portable mini-speaker constantly is unrealistic. That's where the creators of Amp Audio Speaker Case step in and aim to solve the problem by tapping into the iPhone's brain to custom-amplify sound, based on context.

The algorithms plug in surrounding sound, musical preferences and even hearing patterns, in turn blasting crisp sound through its 14 x 20mm drivers. Sounds good, doesn't it? All with a seven-hour lifespan. It's available for pre-order now, online, via

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