MicrobeScope: the world's first iPhone microscope

MicrobeScope: the world's first iPhone microscope

From smartphone to science tool

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Washington-based startup company, 4D Optical, has created the ultimate experimental tool for iPhones, the MicrobeScope

The new portable microscope has a fixed magnification of 800x and fits like a stand with your iPhone, featuring a fixed-focus lens, and one level of magnification.

Unlike a regular laboratory microscope which uses glass slides, the MicrobeScope has to be placed over the object to be studied, with it using just two AAA batteries to power the LED light source of the microscope.

To examine a subject, for example algae, bacteria or other microbes, the iPhone only needs to be aligned with the eyepiece of the microscope.

iPhone microscope

With a pledge of $115  you can order a MicrobeScope from Kickstarter now and receive it within the upcoming months.

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