Does the iPhone 6 Plus have a bending problem?

Does the iPhone 6 Plus have a bending problem?

Apple gets bent out of shape

Video: YouTube

The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have not even been out for one month yet and reports are already emerging that the aluminium construction on the 6 Plus bends under pressure

This week, photographs of slightly bent iPhone 6 Plus' have started appearing on the web, showing a distinctly bent Apple device, with users complaining that the body takes a new shape after having the phone in your pocket for long periods of time.

Apple users have taken to Mac forums to complain about the design flaw ­– which seems to affect the smartphone at the top end near the volume buttons – with one user complaining that the device warped after being in their pocket for around 18 hours.

Now, the team at Unbox Therapy has decided to test the bending theory out themselves with a new video consisting of them trying to bend the aluminium shell, which you can watch below now...

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