Introducing goTenna: The portable mobile signal

Introducing goTenna: The portable mobile signal

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Most people with the luxury of a mobile phone will have experienced the inconvenience of lack of signal meaning that a crucial text message can't be sent...

GoTenna is a new device that looks to combat the age-old problem of 'no service' on your mobile with its new portable antenna device. It enables users to send text messages up to 160 characters – as well as share their location on detailed offline maps. It does not currently support voice or image exchange.


The sleek and small piece of tech wirelessly pairs with your smartphone so you can send text messages directly with others even when you don't have service, without requiring any other element such as satellites or Wi-Fi... And it works anywhere on the planet with anyone else who has it too, allowing the user to connect privately and avoid subscriptions or fees, or communicate under emergency conditions.

The goTenna is available for a special pre-order price now, Find out more about the device here.


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