Mansion Map: Discovering America's wealthiest neighbourhoods

Mansion Map: Discovering America's wealthiest neighbourhoods

"The success of others inspires us"

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Using an amalgam of crowdsourced data collected through simple web research and records, Mansion Map reveals the identities of real estate owners throughout America's most sough after places

Just as the name implies, 'Mansion Map' compiles maps of mansions in America.  As an entrepreneur working online, its founder would find himself wasting hours upon hours virtually cruising wealthy neighbourhoods, looking at mansions, and wondering "Who lives there... And how did they get so rich?"  

He would take the address of the mansion, perform a reverse address search, get the name of the homeowner and google them.

Mansion Map

And so Mansion Map was born; a database of the wealthiest neighbourhoods in America and not only can you virtually cruise through them, but you can learn much more about the home and homeowner via crowdsourced data; their occupation, time lived there and so on. There is even a tagging system to find 'hidden mansions' - all because, as the website states; "The success of others inspires us in our own lives and careers..."  

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