Instagram unveils three new filters and emoji hashtags

Instagram unveils three new filters and emoji hashtags


Editor: Buro 24/7

Instagram continues to up its game in the increasingly saturated social media and photo editing market, debuting three new filters – and for the first time ever, the ability to hashtag emojis...

Back in December 2014, the Kevin Systrom-founded and Facebook-owned social media giant Instagram debuted five new filters. It was the first time the app had revealed new photo editing tools since 2012 and users went mad for it. Noticing the love from its impressive clientele base (300 million monthly active users and counting), Instagram haven't left it two years this time, and four months on have debuted three new filters – Lark, Juno and Reyes.

Along with adding to our daily conundrum of which filter to use, Instagram have also included the ability to hashtag emojis for the first time ever with this update. In the digital era in which we live, emojis have become a universal visual language, and provide a way to communicate emotions with those who may not speak our language. Instagram have cleverly noted the increase in the use of emojis over the last few years and have now made them searchable using the hashtag function. This is a shrewd move, as it means that users will be able to see more global content, and marketeers will be able to have access to trending topics in worldwide locations through the use of the globally understood 'language': Emojis.

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Instagram for iOS version 6.11.0 is available today in Apple’s App Store, and the new updates will be available today in the latest version of Instagram for Android, 6.20.0, in Google Play.