Instagram issues new 'fade' and 'colour' upgrades

Instagram issues new 'fade' and 'colour' upgrades

Fading out other edit apps...

Instagram has launched two new edit upgrades to its photo editing capabilities in-app. The new 'fade' and 'colour' features will help on-the-go photo editing look like studio quality...

Instagram continues its efforts to solve all of our photo editing needs in-app. Its latest photographic cheat function comes in the form of new 'fade' and 'colour' edits. 

With the ability to soften black and white shades at each end of the spectrum, the fade tool helps to round out harsh contrasts. The colour function also couldn't be easier to use, with a simple sliding scale interface, it can add tints to shadows or highlights. iOS users can install these updates right away, whilst Android users have a short day or two to wait. If we could double tap these upgrades, we would.