Instagram has been banned in China

Instagram has been banned in China

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Instagram is said to have been banned in China after pictures appeared of the pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong

A plethora of images of the demonstrations in Hong Kong popped up on Instagram, as well as on China's version of Twitter – Weibo, the latter of which, have now banned the hashtag #OccupyCentral.

Monitoring websites and have announced that Instagram has been banned by China following the pro-democracy posts. An official statement from Instagram is yet to be released. It is said that Hong Kong still have access to the popular photo-sharing app

It is thought that the Chinese government do not want people to see images of the protests via social media, which are ongoing in Hong Kong – as officers have been using tear gas and pepper spray against protesters and over 40 people have been injured. 

The pro-democracy protests kickstarted when the government announced its plans to only allow their pre-approved candidates to stand in elections for Hong Kong's highest ranking civil position, the chief executive. 

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