The new Hipster emoji app

The new Hipster emoji app

Time to unleash your inner hipster

This week, the smartphone world will see a new set of emojis, via California web development company Cookies & Milk's new Hipmoji app

Merging today's world of pop culture with smartphone emojis, the 'Hipmoji' app has debuted. The new photo sharing and editing app features a range of comical emojis, from Pharrell Williams' iconic brown hat, a black mustache, a Toms shoe and some bubble tea reflecting the current trends and todays prevalent items.

Hipmoji – which is now available for free in the Apple Store – has two main features, it allows you to send these stylish icons through text and email, and allows  you to upload photos and then insert the emoji into them.  

The new Hipster emoji app (фото 1)

The new Hipster emoji app (фото 2)

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