Google vs. Facebook

Google vs. Facebook

Launching a new app

Text: Meeran Mekkaoui

Google is taking on Facebook with the introduction of a new messaging app that's set to launch soon...

Google is said to be a launching a new messaging app that allows people to chat to friends and family worldwide while messaging or asking a Google bot for answers. Reports suggest that the multinational technology company has been working on this new feature for at least a year, however the release date is still uncertain. 

Google are setting out to directly compete with the social media networking site Facebook, who are currently dominating the instant messaging world with Facebook messenger and Whatsapp. Facebook began testing its newest digital assistant "M" within Messenger to answer questions earlier this year whereas Googles "Ok Google", users will be able to ask questions and give answers. However the service is limited to certain subjects and Google is reported to be expanding users queries and its digital realm.

Watch this space!

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