Google Street View now lets users go back in time

Google Street View now lets users go back in time

Reminisce with the tech giant

Image: Google Street View

The American company unveils a new feature, documenting history – quite literally

Google is letting you step back in time with the recent launch of its new 'time travel' feature, which sits as part of its existing concept, Street View – transporting users back through time in its archive of photographs. Spanning back to 2007, viewers can scan through all of the images that Google has amalgamated to date.

This concept was born out of the one-off site they launched, entitled Memories for the Future, which enabled users to view the entire Japanese coastline prior to the catastrophic events of 2011 which witnessed the country being hit by a magnitude 9.0 earthquake followed by a destructive tsunami.

As a progressive rollout, users will be able to dial back through time to view, for now, the most popular destinations, which have been enabled with this feature. With time, this feature will extend to cover the 6 million miles throughout 55 countries that have so far been recorded by Google.