Google satellites revealed this week will provide global WiFi

Google satellites revealed this week will provide global WiFi

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Image: Outside Online

Google is planning on taking the opportunity to surf the net global, with plans for satellites revealed this week

Following on from the news that New York City is planning on providing Internet access for all, after Dubai had already announced the same kind of plan in its Downtown area, Google have gone one step better than both and plan to take the concept worldwide.

  • As part of its continued mission the tech giant is now rumoured to have plans to spend between $1 billion and $3 billion on building 180 "small, high capacity" satellites that will provide internet access globally. It is said that they will be launched up into a low orbit, providing WiFi connections to people living in areas currently unserved. 

  • The operation would compliment Google's existing and ongoing 'Project Loon', which uses air balloons to deliver Internet access to people in developing countries. A spokesperson didn't confirm or deny the rumours, but added that an internet link "significantly improves people's lives."

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