Google collaborates with Rebecca Minkoff for Android Wear

Google collaborates with Rebecca Minkoff for Android Wear

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Google's 'Android Wear' operating system has revealed a new fashion focus for a collaboration with Rebecca Minkoff...

Digital giant Google will release a new selection of digital watch faces today within its Google Play store. Since its inception in July, Google have offered a variety of designs created in-house for its 'Android Wear', but this new project marks the first time it has collaborated with a third party.

“The next step here was to allow wearers to personalize the watches — but from a software standpoint, you download them just like apps and can switch them at any time.” Google's Android Wear senior product manager, told WWD.

Alongside Minkoff's watch face designs, creations by Porsche and X-ray artist Hugh Turvey will also be available for download, and Despicable Me themed designs will also feature.

"Wearers have very particular tastes, and they care very much about how the hardware looks – and then, of course, the watch face, given that it's what you see all day even when its idle," Chang said. 

As well as their fashionable design and practical ability to tell the time, the watch faces will be able to integrate live data such as weather, calendar information or other sensors on the device. 

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