'Night Walk in Marseille' Google Stories new campaign

'Night Walk in Marseille' Google Stories new campaign

Virtually exploring the streets and sounds of the French city

Video: YouTube
Image: Laughing Squid
Image: The Next Web

Google Stories has recently launched its new campaign, ‘Nightwalk in Marseille’, a captivating film that takes you on an exciting tour through the French city’s streets at night

In order to intensify imagination in the latest chapter in its on-going Google Stories campaign Google Creative Lab and 72andSunny Amsterdam have created a 'Nightwalk in Marseille'.

The concept tells inspiring stories about when human creativity intertwines with Google technology - making innovative and special things happen.

The film revolves around a woman named Julie as she explores the streets of Marseilles, documenting the places and people she discovers along the way, to create 'Promenades Sonores'. Julie's Google Story chronicles her love of Marseille, revealing the beautiful and gritty side of the city.

The digital interactive experience then starts where the film ends, inviting people from around the world to join Julie on an interactive Streetview tour of the city at night. With the help of Google Maps the 'Night Walk' enables users to virtually experience one of Julie's walks through the neighbourhoods of Marseille.

The users can fully immerse themselves in Julie's journey as they see panoramic views, read facts about the city from Google and watch live performances of musicians playing on the streets to artists creating wall murals. 

To start exploring with Julie check Google Night Walk now.