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Google has just changed the way you will shop with the launch of its fashion app

Introducing Style Match
Love shopping? You're going to want to download Google's new app immediately...

There’s perhaps no more infuriating a situation to find yourself in than when a complete stranger walks by wearing a piece you need to immediately own yourself. Be it a dress, trousers, shoes or a handbag, we’ve all felt the need to approach said stranger and ask for their outfit details but more often than not opt out of doing so for fear of looking like a sartorial stalker. 

But now, that inner turmoil is set to be a thing of the past thanks to Google‘s new app Style Match. 

The way the app works is that you point your phone at a particular item of clothing and Google will use image-recognition software to find the piece, or similar options, online for you to shop then and there through Google Shopping. It works on household items, too, so if you’ve always wanted to know where the café you stop by every morning for your caffeine fix got its stools from, you’re in luck. The launch of the feature is the first time a camera has been fitted with these capabilities, making it even more revolutionary. 

As it stands Style Match is part of the Google Lens app which is only available on Android phones and Google Assistant at present.

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