Google launches its Android Wear Smartwatches

Google launches its Android Wear Smartwatches

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This week, surfing the latest wave of the smartwatch revolution, Google has gone live with its Android Wear

On Wednesday, the engineering director at Google, David Singleton preached about the new Android Wear operating system at the company's developers conference  which was beamed around the world.

"It's finally possible to make a powerful computer small enough to wear comfortably on your body all day long," Singleton stated. "People will be wearing these small, powerful devices, so style is important."

Smart watches from Samsung Electronics Co. and LG Electronics were also set to be available for preorder at Google's Play store following the conference.

The innovative operating system supports both round and square-style watches, and have the ability to detect where you are and feed you any information on the go.

From giving directions to calling a car for you, there isn't much the futuristic-looking watch can't do. "People check their Android phones on average 125 times everyday and that's why we're designing Android Wear to quickly show you relevant information and make sure you never miss an important message," Singleton said.




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