Google Glass now working with prescription lenses

Google Glass now working with prescription lenses

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New prescription frames are ready for current Google Glass owners, with 4 different designs to choose from

Prescription frames for the Internet-enabled headset Google Glass, are now available after Google announced the news of its release on Monday.

Google has added four different frame styles made from titanium that can both fit the Google Glass hardware and accommodate corrective lenses. The 'Titanium Collection' comes in modern, sleek styles - 'Bold', 'Curve', 'Thin', and 'Split', with two different tinted shade options - 'Classic' and 'Edge'.

"The styles are based on popular trends that already exsist in the eye care industry." said Steve Lee, Google product director.

These new frames aren't a new version of Google Glass, they are just another breakthrough for the appearance and comfort of the glass - Lead Glass designer Isabelle Olsson says, "This is not a new technology, this is a new accessory to the technology."

The Titanium Collection is available to buy now from the Google Glass website for US$225, however the Google Glass, priced at US$1,499 will be available later this year.

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