Google Glass 2.0 revealed

Google Glass 2.0 revealed

Anticipated comeback

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What began as a potential revolution quickly fizzled out but now Google Glass 2.0 is here and Buro 24/7 Middle East has the first sneak peek...

Fresh images of the new Google Glass have surfaced! In filings with the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Google has released the first pictures of the successor to its original eyewear tech.

Google Glass 2.0 revealed (фото 1)

From the images and reports, it seems that the new glasses, codenamed GG1 By Google, features a larger but thinner glass prism and these ones don't wrap around the user's head. The new model also looks set to come with a faster Intel processor, improved battery life and wireless connectivity as well as an upgrade to the camera. However, it's worth noting that filings to the FCC might not necessarily resemble the final product.

The first Google Glass was launched in 2012 but received a lot of criticism, especially with users able to record in public places without anybody's knowledge. The new model includes an illuminated green light when the camera is in operation, a move that addresses said problem.

Despite experiencing backlashes, the first Google Glass also received support from the fashion industry. In particular, brand ambassador Diane von Furstenberg went on to create a unique series of frames to accommodate the technology with its eyewear licensee, Marchon.

Google Glass 2.0 revealed (фото 2)

There is no word yet on when the GG1 By Google will be available on the market. Watch this space!

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