Google buys Rangespan to expand in e-tailer world

Google buys Rangespan to expand in e-tailer world

The web giant steps up to the retail plate

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This week, Google has announced its acquisition of shopping analytics firm Rangespan, helping the internet giant work with more retailers on product and inventory management

Google Inc. is showing signs of its intensified focus on the consumer, as it buys out Rangespan, a three-year retail tech start up founded by two former Amazon executives. 

Rangespan founders Matt Henderson and Ryan Regan and other employees of the UK-based company will now start working at 'Google Shopping', the company's e-commerce business.

"We are very happy to announce that Rangespan is joining Google," Rangespan stated on its site. "We will continue to work on services for shoppers and retailers at Google, and we're super excited about the opportunities to come." 

Its initiative is to "help retailers expand and optimise their product range in response to online market demand."

"We have found that the majority of retailers have difficulty rapidly adjusting their online product range because of manual work and uncertainty about which products are most likely to succeed," the site says. "Our technology helps retailers solve that challenge. We track and rank hundreds of millions of products to provide retailers with better visibility of the range that they don't already offer..."

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