Google gets creative with April Fool's prank on users

Google gets creative with April Fool's prank on users

A photo-themed prank featuring 'The Hoff'

Image: Talk Android

This year for April Fool’s Day, the Google+ team is implementing a comical prank into its Auto Awesome tool

Today on Google, Auto Awesome will feature a new element for April Fool's Day, turning any picture that a user uploads into a photo-bombed picture featuring celebrities. The search company's clever joke will have David Hasselhoff (and possibly other mystery celebrities) making a surprise appearance in your photos - with the temporary 'tool' only available until the end of the day.

"We're introducing a [faux] feature that will allow celebrities to make a spontaneous appearance in your pictures via our Auto Awesome photo tools," said a spokeswoman, adding, "We are known for our April Fool's jokes."

Baywatch actor, Hasselhoff, has been in on the prank from the start. "We did the project together with David," the spokeswoman said. "He is totally loving the prank and feeding the fire."