Google ups its smartwatch game to rival the Apple Watch

Google ups its smartwatch game to rival the Apple Watch

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Editor: Buro 24/7

Tech giant Google, has amped up its smartwatch game, debuting a new and improved version of its Android Wear to compete with the looming Apple Watch April 24 release...

With the Apple Watch launch date just 48 hours away, competitor Google have upped the ante of its smartwatch game, releasing the newest version of its Android Wear. The new Google wearable features cutting-edge updates, the ability for users to customise and draw their own emojis, Wi-Fi, and a new range of watch faces and bands. 

The new Android Wear still features the same display, built in GPS, and offline music support present in its older versions. But now also features pioneering elements such as interactive hand gesture capabilities, which enables users to access features like the calendar and weather news with a flick of the wrist. With Apple Watch pre-orders estimated at 2.3 million, Google are understandably concerned and keen to play its best wearable game.

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