Fitbit release the 'Surge' smartwatch

Fitbit release the 'Surge' smartwatch

With the ability to receive calls and texts

Introducing the Fitbit Surge, a new piece of wearable technology with the ability to monitor your work out and so much more

Mainstream wearable tech company Fitbit has recently released its latest product: the Fitbit Surge.

It has moved on from the brand's usual format of fitness monitors, with the new Surge incorporating a smartwatch design that features built-in GPS tracking to update the user on their pace, distance, routes and elevation.

Other new features include a heart-rate monitor and calorie counter, which is always useful, plus the interesting new ability to receive calls and texts, and control the music on your phone whilst on the move. 

Fitbit release the 'Surge' smartwatch (фото 1)

The Surge will be compatible with iOS, Android and Windows Phone, and available online at soon.