Buro loves: 10 of the best new iOS 8 features

Buro loves: 10 of the best new iOS 8 features

The new operating system for the Apple iPhone

After the recent iPhone 6 and Apple Watch release, the iOS 8 is also one of Apple's biggest and newest innovations, jam-packed with unique features, Buro 24/7 Middle East highlights some of the best...

Whether you have or have not downloaded the new iOS 8 yet, you could be wondering if anything has changed at all from iOS 7, however rest assured there is much more than meets the eye as the phone's new innovative system has a variety of new secrets besides its Health app and third party keyboard...

Battery life

Besides viewing how much space your apps consume, the iOS 8 now shows how much power they eat from your battery on its new 'Battery Usage' panel. Users will also get a better understanding of how much storage is used and available on your iPhone.

Photo timer

It is hard to believe that we have gone this long without one, but the iPhone camera finally recieved a timer which goes up to 10 seconds. Users can also shoot their own time-lapse videos, which captures long sequences of video. To use it, you  just have select 'Time-lapse' in the camera function, set your focus point and exposure, and then press the red button. 

Recover deleted photos

There will be no more crying over accidentally deleting a photo as there's now a 'Recently Deleted' folder that saves them. Users can then jump into that folder and press 'Recover' to bring back the lost photo or video. The deleted photos or videos will stay in that folder for 30 days, and then they'll be perminentally gone. 

Big and bold

Staring at the screen for too long or having trouble reading on your device? The iOS 8 now has the option to enlarge text and make it bolder.

Have fun with notifications

With the iOS 8 when swiping from the top of the screen to the bottom, users now see two sections: 'Today' and 'Notifications'. The 'Today' section has expanded to include features from apps including Yahoo, Evernote, Wunderlist and more while the 'Notification' options on each app are more easily accessible, making it quicker to turn them on and off for specific apps.

Look but don't douch

Bringing a new element to the term handsfree, now, next to the text window there's a new microphone icon and you can press it to record a quick voice message that you can send to whoever you wanted to text. Additionally, if you receive a voice message and raise the phone to your ear, it will play automatically.

Location, location, location

You can easily tell the person you're chatting with where you are by pressing 'Details' and sharing your location. The iOS 8 even allows your friends to track you for an hour, a day, or until you cancel it. 

Hide and seek

If you ever need to hide a photo, you can just click on it and make it invisible instead of deleting it. All you have to do is tap the image until a menu appears which has a 'Hide' option on it.

Just ask Siri

Siri is now more helpful thanks to the 'Hey Siri' function. You can now talk to your phone without even pressing the button to have a conversation with her  helping you contact someone while your hands are preoccupied. Siri will also tell you which song is playing if you type "Siri what song is this" before recording a snippet and sending.

Safari's credit card scanning

One of the best hidden features of iOS 8 is located within Safari. Ideal for all those shoppers out there, now when Apple's web browser senses that you are entering in a credit card number in a web page text field it will give you the 'Scan A Card' option. Saving time, this allows you to take a picture of the credit card directly in Safari, which in turn pulls all of the relevant data from it.

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