Real-time facial projection mapping gets a facelift

Real-time facial projection mapping gets a facelift

By Nobumichi Asai

Video: Vimeo

Technical Director Nobumichi Asai creates a new kind of makeup and an eery look into the future of technology for the cosmetics industries...

Nobumichi Asai – Japanese technical director/producer – along with a team of other video pioneers, recently released this experimental video titled 'Omote,' which demonstrates the mind-blowing potential of projection mapping combined with real-time face-tracking. 

Projection mapping itself is nothing major, and is actually quite common in today's world, however, until now it has only really been used on static objects such as items of clothing and buildings. Adobe recently used the futuristic technique in its recent 'I Am the New Creative' campaign and it was the essence of this 2011 music video for Bell. Still, what Asai and his team have created here is rather revolutionary because this is the first time we can see how the technology could work on humans – in real-time.

The impressive effect is created by scanning the dimensions and contours of the model's face onto the system. After which, tiny dots are added to specific areas of the face to allow the cameras to track movements and allow for precise positioning. Asai has previously worked on projection mapping projects for both Subaru and Dunlop – in his latest project the technology serves as a kind of living makeup, thereby opening up a world of possibilities for makeup brands and, potentially, plastic surgery practices. 

Take a look at the astonishing video below now:


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