Facebook set to create the first billion-person game

Facebook set to create the first billion-person game

The social network plans to build 'The Metaverse'

Image: Daily Web Journal
Image: Honour-Mc Millan. Blogspot

After purchasing the Oculus VR headset in March, Facebook has now revealed why it acquired the technology company for $2 billion

Yesterday at the Techchrunch Disrupt conference, Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe revealed why Facebook purchased the sci-fi head gear – to build the first billion-person game.

According to Iribe, the new 'Metaverse,' is a concept from Neal Stephenson's book Snow Crash, in which users can log in to a fully immersive virtual world filled with its own streets, apartments, transport systems, and advertisements. Couples can even go to the 'Metaverse' for dates.

Essentially Facebook is creating its own digital world, that users can constantly be a part of, connecting people through Oculus technology and making a bigger network than it already has.