Facebook sends out tease about teleportation at the F8 conference

Facebook sends out tease about teleportation at the F8 conference

Beam me up Mark

Facebook has caused a stir following an app post from its F8 conference suggesting that it has a "teleportation station" in place. Has the tech giant figured out how to transport people across space and time in the blink of eye, or is this just a tease?...

Facebook is well into the swing of its F8 conference in San Fransisco where it promises to reveal coming advancements in its various services. Visitors of the conference and the online community went berserk at the opening announcement of the conference on Facebook's official app which seemed to suggest one of the projects in the pipeline would be a Star Trek style teleporting machine. 

The app post read: "The Garage and Demo areas are now open! Just revealed: Parse for IoT, Messenger as a Platform, and the Teleportation Station." Before the cyber community could be whipped up into too much of a frenzy of excitement, insiders were soon speculating that the intentionally vague description was in fact alluding to teleportation transportation in virtual reality, since Facebook acquired the advanced virtual reality headset, Oculus VR Rift, last year. Teleportation remains a sci-fi fantasy... for now at least. 



Mark Zuckerberg introduced to teleport station (photo 1)