Facebook Messenger debuts free video calling

In your face Skype!

Editor: Buro 24/7

Social media giant, Facebook's messenger app just got a whole lot smarter – with the introduction of free video calls. Get the scoop here...

Facebook Messenger: You can send money on it, make one-click purchases, and now enjoy free video calls. The social media giant has debuted the new function today to rival its competitors including Skype, Google Hangouts and FaceTime. And although Mark Zuckerberg and co won't be cashing in on the calls, they are ensuring that its users stay within the Facebook framework.

The new video call function allows users to connect with friends via LTE and WiFi for free, using the new phone icon at the top right hand corner. Facebook Messenger's head of product, Stan Chudnovsky revealed in a statement that the tech was developed to work even with low bandwidth cell networks – so you will still be able to see your friends and enjoy crisp video views with low reception.

Facebook Messenger has a whopping 600 million monthly active users and accounts for 10 percent of all Internet-based calls. Will you use this new feature? Discover more in the video above.