Facebook and plan to connect entire planet to the web

Facebook and plan to connect entire planet to the web

Bringing the Internet to third-world countries using drones

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Facebook has recently announced its latest venture, the ‘Connectivity Lab’, an initiative in conjunction with that aims to provide the Internet to the entire world

This week, Mark Zuckerberg unveiled Facebook's new 'Connectivity Lab' concept, a project with that aims to beam the Internet to anywhere in the world – with help also acquired from solar-powered drone maker Ascenta and NASA's jet propulsion laboratory.

The team is exploring many new areas of aerospace and communication technologies – from high-attitude long-endurance planes to advanced laser systems – with hopes of bringing affordably efficient connectivity to the over 5 billion people who currently lack it.

50 aeronautics experts and space scientists will try develop a plan to use solar-powered drones and other 'connectivity aircraft' in exploring how to accomplish the innovative new vision.

Strategies will include different types of platforms, specific to all ranges of population densities. 

In addition to the development of new airborne technology, the initiative will also employ free 'space optical communication beams' – using light to transmit data – to boost Internet speeds with the use of less power, in comparison to other systems... 

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