Facebook steps into e-commerce again with new button

Facebook steps into e-commerce again with new button

To browse or buy?

Image: Tech Pulse Weekly
Image: Tiend A Nube

This week, Facebook is journeying back into the world of e-commerce with its highly publicised test of a 'Buy' button which debuted last week

Facebook is coming for round two with its new 'Buy' button on ads and page posts, that lets its 829 million active users purchase a product without leaving the social site.

However, this isn't the first time the social network giant is trying its hand at e-commerce, as selling on Facebook first appeared in 2011, but was ultimately seen as a failure after brands failed to gain traction from the social platform.

On Wednesday, Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook's chief operating officer, told analysts that the company was trying to facilitate the buying process for its many users. 

The button is now being tested on a few small and medium-size U.S. companies, with Facebook declining to give any specifics on the new program.  

"Commerce is really important and is a growing, important part of our business," Sandberg said.

With just having recently launched its 'Save' button as well, Facebook is aiming to be more than a social media site, it’s looking to be compared to the likes of Google, Amazon, and eBay.