WhatsApp's two founders are now $10.3 billion richer

WhatsApp's two founders are now $10.3 billion richer

As Facebook closes its deal with the messaging service for $22 billion

Image: Forbes

Facebook has closed its acquisition of mobile messaging service WhatsApp – with the final paying price rising from $19 billion to roughly $22 billion because of Facebook’s increased stock value in recent months

Facebook has announced today that it has wrapped up its landmark $22 billion purchase of WhatsApp – a deal that was made in Mark Zuckerberg's house back in February. 

The founders of WhatsApp, Jan Koum and former Yahoo engineer Brian Acton, have pocketed $6.8 billion and $3.5 billion in the deal respectively, according to a source. While Koum is set to receive nearly $2 billion in stock, granted over a four-year period, as an incentive for him to stay with the company, according to a regulatory filing on Monday.

The acquisition, which just received the regulatory approval by the Europe Union, highlights the increasing values of fast-growing Internet startups, and the willingness of major players such as Facebook and Google to buy them.

Facebook paid $4.59 billion in cash and 178 million shares of its stock for WhatsApp, as well 46 million of grants in restricted stock units for WhatsApp employees that will be given over a four year period to complete the deal.